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Lerdahl Partnership Brings a Fresh Look to the Innovation Lab

It didn’t take long for Dawn Eikamp to see the potential for a partnership with the Innovation Lab in Dubuque after she began working out of the co-working space. Dawn is a senior project consultant for Lerdahl, a company that has been present in the community for more than ten years. With a focus on creating inspired and efficient workspaces that foster collaboration, Lerdahl leadership saw a partnership with the Innovation Lab as a way to establish roots in a community they were already serving and create a living showroom, while also providing a fresh and inspiring space for co-workers.

“We really have two goals when designing corporate workspaces. We want to provide people with a spot to put their head down and focus and provide them with a space to be collaborative,” said Kristi Thering, general manager and partner at Lerdahl. “We get excited when we see those things come together to promote success.”

Lerdahl’s redesign of the reserved desk space at the Innovation Lab provided a fresh new look, highlighted by exciting details and textures throughout the room. An array of products showcases the breadth of styles and functions possible, pairing well with the reserved desk area’s diverse range of individuals and their unique space needs.

Besides providing a refreshed design to the Innovation Lab co-working space, Lerdahl also has two desks in the reserve desk co-working space for their employees to work.

“It’s an inspiring time for us right now. As people start to think about returning to their workplaces, we get to create spaces that people want to be in, and that fosters creativity and collaboration,” said Thering.

Innovation Lab coworking plans provide flexibility, value, and built-in amenities. Interested in checking out one of our co-working spaces? Click here to schedule a tour today.


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